Pro Vita Andina Titel

The association Pro Vita Andina e. V.

Poverty hurts, even if you do not suffer from it yourself but only experience it on journeys. Poverty should really have been defeated a long time ago. We want to work on that.

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated people who have formed an association to help the people of a poor Latin American country with useful and sustainable development programmes.

What do we intend to do?

We want to help them by supporting self-help and education. We extend our hand in friendship, supporting and advising them as partners. We may also provide a small financial sum to start their permanent, adapted development.

We invite you to participate and to become a member at a fee of 36.- € per annum.


Pro Vita Andina e.V.
Wiesenstraße 10
71549 Auenwald
Fone: 07191 - 57135
Fax: 07191 - 906717

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